PureFlame Camping Stove Will Convert Fire Into Electricity

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Check out this new PureFlame mini which is a cool little camping stove that enables you to keep your gadgets charged while you are off-grid into the wilderness thanks to its capacity to convert heat into electricity The concept behind PureFlame mini G is plain: “Using natural resources for fuel such as twigs, pinecones or other biomass found outdoors to build a fire. With this, the thermoelectric generator will turn the heat into electricity! Then use a portion of the electricity to power fans that helps the fire burn cleaner, hotter and keep making power.”

Check out the demonstration video below to know more about the little device which is equipped with 2400 mah Lithium rechargeable battery built-in, comes with a USB port, so you can use it to power your mobile devices. Launch via Indiegogo this week early bird pledges are available from $75 or roughly £58 and worldwide shipping will begin December 2019


“PureFlame mini foldable camping stove not only helps you cook during any outdoors adventure, but also can turns fire into electricity and stores it into the battery to power your USB devices. With the compact design, you can effortlessly store it in your backpack for various outdoors activities.”

Source: Indiegogo

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