Puzzle Game DARQ Coming To Next-Gen Platforms This Month

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Many gamers love the initial release game from Unfold Games, it really to no shock that their partnership with Feardemic immediately led to Darq coming out on all platforms. First released on PC via Steam in 2019, then it comes to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020, and now we will see its release on Nintendo Switch on March 18th and on both next-gen platforms, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, on March 25th. All platforms include the two DLC games, The Tower and The Crypt, and it will cost you no extra money.

The game and all its DLC are made by a solo developer. On top of that, he isn’t even done with the world of Darq as it has driven him to release his own Gamedev book and now there is the upcoming comic book to pack in some of the lore from the game. Seeing how this was another one of those calm puzzle games where the features are all you have for lore articles Check out the short next-gen release date trailer below and you can play it later this month on a variety of consoles.


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