PYXA Mini Handheld Games Console hits Kickstarter

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Creoqode which is a London technology and design company has come back to Kickstarter to release their new mini handheld games console in the form of the PYXA. The games console kit enables you to create your own games console and even program and make your own video games.

mini games console

It is launched on Kickstarter PYXA mini handheld console is now available to back with early bird pledges available from £49. The worldwide shipping is anticipated to begin during June 2019. “Pyxa comes as an all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit allowing users to build their game console and create their own video games whilst learning about coding.”

“During the assembly, users will get familiar with each component of a game console and explore their functions. Assembly is fairly simple and does not require any tools or special skills. No soldering is needed to make Pyxa work. Resolution of Pyxa is 128 x 160 pixels and it is capable of displaying full 18-bit color. Pyxa is based on ATmega328P processor, and it accomodates a micro SD card socket for displaying bitmap images and a buzzer to add sound to your video games. “

It is packed with a rechargeable 600 mAh battery the little games console is able of giving up to 4 hours of non-stop gaming. Easily programmable using the Arduino IDE the games console is a fabulous way to start learning about programming, algorithms and game development. Check out the link below for more information.



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