Quake 2 Remaster Available on Xbox Game Pass After Months of Leaks

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Quake 2 Remaster

To mark the commencement of QuakeCon 2023, Bethesda and ID Software have unleashed an exciting surprise upon gamers: the remastered edition of Quake II. This remaster comes packed with an array of captivating features, including visually enhanced graphics, a fresh expansion pack, multiplayer capabilities, and even the inclusion of the classic Nintendo 64 version of Quake II. As of this moment, gamers can dive into the world of this remastered gem, available across a spectrum of platforms including Xbox One and Series S | X, Nintendo Switch, PC, and both PS4 and PS5. Additionally, it’s accessible through Xbox and PC Game Pass, and can even be played via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This unexpected launch mirrors the unconventional release strategy that was witnessed with the remaster of Quake 1. Like its predecessor, Quake 1’s remaster was unveiled at QuakeCon and released on the same day in 2021, eliciting surprise and delight among fans. QuakeCon, a long-standing extravaganza known for being one of the largest LAN parties worldwide, has maintained its vibrant existence since its inception in 1996.

The bring-your-own-controller affair has perpetually been a breeding ground for fans of arena shooter-style multiplayer action. However, what’s intriguing is its strategic timing – neatly nestled between summer events such as E3 or Summer Game Fest and the forthcoming holiday shopping season. This positioning affords both ID and Bethesda a prime opportunity to showcase their latest creations before they hit the shelves. For instance, back in 2018, luminaries from ID Software graced the stage to unveil extended gameplay footage of the much-anticipated DOOM Eternal.

Anticipation for this Quake II remaster had been brewing for some time, fueled by a multitude of tantalizing hints. In June, the gaming world was set abuzz when IGN reported on a listing for ‘Quake II Enhanced’ on a South Korean ratings board, a discovery initially made by the keen-eyed folks at Gematsu. More recently, a reliable figure in the gaming industry’s rumor mill, the enigmatic billbil-kun, accurately predicted the impending announcement and astoundingly nailed both the game’s release timing and its enticing $9.99 price point.

However, this isn’t merely a polished version of the beloved 1997 first-person shooter. Beyond the fully rejuvenated rendition of the original game and its Nintendo 64 adaptation from the same era, this remaster offers an exciting assortment of fresh content. Players can immerse themselves in 28 new campaign levels intricately crafted to captivate newcomers and long-standing Quake enthusiasts. Adding to the excitement, a new Deathmatch map, crafted with precision by the talented hands at MachineGames – the studio renowned for breathing new life into the Wolfenstein series and for their ambitious undertaking of an upcoming untitled Indiana Jones game.

But the gaming calendar for Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios doesn’t halt at QuakeCon’s borders. The eminent Gamescom, revered as the world’s largest gaming convention, is slated to kick off on August 23. Microsoft has already stirred anticipation by confirming their presence at the Cologne-based extravaganza. Gamers can expect a tantalizing showcase of new gameplay from highly anticipated titles like Starfield and Forza Motorsport, creating a crescendo of excitement that reverberates through the gaming community.

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