Quake New Update Adds Accessibility Options and Maps 26 Years After Release

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A new update of Quake has added new accessibility options and maps 26 years after it was first released.

As shown on the Steam announcements page, Quake now lets players change its menu style to a plain black and white format instead of just having stylized letters emerge over the game.

Other sight-focused features include flexible screen flash intensity, on-screen message duration times, an increase in the highest number of messages appearing on the HUD, and flexible display durations of multiplayer messages.

The update also comes with a chat-to-voice converter to Quake. Players can now turn multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice or convert incoming voice chat to text. The opposite is also possible, as messages the player sends can also be converted into a voice, with multiple styles available.

Outside of the new accessibility options, three horde maps have been added to Quake alongside several balance adjustments to the mode, including improvements to bot AI.

The PC classic, still making headlines despite being more than 25 years old, will naturally be a core feature of QuakeCon.

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