R2D2 Coffee Table

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R2D2 Coffee Table

Star Wars pinball  R2D2 Coffee Table. This one of a kind darling couldn’t make us more proud, as he’s  just won Award’s in Italy!

Our R2 has taken 300 hours to make this amazing piece, All the wooden case is handmade and powder coated. One Off piece and built to perfection

The R2 Droid features an authentic Star Wars pinball payfield housed in the body of the daring and loyal R2D2.

The Droid rolls on it’s own wheels and features a mini slide projector (picturing R2 in the Death Stars’ sewage), a flashlight, sounds, lighting programs, and a fully functional animated droid on the playfield. As only C-3PO could put it, this droid is in prime.

Height: 53 cm / 20,87 inches

Length: 125 cm / 49.21 inchesWidth: 71 cm / 27,95 inches

Weight: 45 Kgs / 100 lb

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