RAINBOW SIX SIEGE 2022 Roadmap Has Been Revealed

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Ubisoft isn’t ready to give up on Tom Clancy Rainbow Six game series. In fact, they just unleashed the Year 7 Season 1 update for Rainbow Six Siege, called Demon Veil. This new update brings Azami, a new Japanese Operator, a new map, a Team Deathmatch game mode, gameplay updates come with Attacker Repick, universal sights, and more!

In Demon Veil, discover the secrets of Azami, a mysterious new Defender – equipped with the Kiba Barrier gadget, which lets her quickly repair holes in walls and floors, making a more mobile and versatile defensive practice. Then the new map comes mid-season for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege in 3 years: Emerald Plains. Set in Ireland, this modern country club challenges players to learn a new environment and its numerous levels.

Following this first season will be Season 2, which will come with a Belgian Operator and an exclusive Team Deathmatch map set in Greece. Season 3’s Operator comes from Singapore, bringing a new map. The last Operator of the year will be from Colombia. As these seasons are introduced, the development team will take steps towards addressing specific player behavior to further anti-cheat efforts introduced in Year 6 like the Reputation System. They will be watching for aspects such as griefing, disconnecting, misuse friendly fire through sanctions prohibiting reverse friendly fire as well as enhancing match cancellations.

This year they will also be presenting updates to make the game more user-friendly. For new gamers, they are introducing the Shooting Range for practicing and settings adjustments. For console users, they will obtain several dedicated updates this year including aim control personalization, new controller input presets, and field of view settings. The development team also plans to continue reworking many Operators this year including Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi, and Thatcher, all while revamping the Ranked experience to reflect a player’s progression better.

Rainbow Six Siege will also have cross-play and cross-progression by the end of the year! Players have until March 21st to purchase the limited-time Year Pass for $40 or the Premium Year Pass for $60. The Year Pass unlocks the four seasonal Battle Passes – which includes 14-day early access to new Operators when they launch – while the Premium Year Pass unlocks four Battle Passes, the early access to new Operators, exclusive Exotic weapon skins, VIP credits, and more. Players who purchase the Premium Year Pass will also unlock 20 extra Tiers out of 100, receiving rewards quicker.

Year 7 is looking more compelling than ever for Rainbow Six Siege players and they are even making it more convenient for new players to get in on the game even right now!

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