Rainbow Six Siege: Bartlett University Bonus Map Coming Out For Free

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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is releasing a bonus map for free in its upcoming 5.2 patch. Rainbow Six Siege released its big 5.0 update–including the Operation Red Crow DLC.

Bartlett University was a bonus map seen in the Situations single-player mode–unlocked when players completed all other Situations–and has been highly requested by fans to be placed into the game’s standard multiplayer modes.

Operation Red Crow pack includes the Skyscraper map, as well as two new Japanese Operators. Defender Echo comes equipped with a flying drone that can disorientate enemies with its ultrasonic bursts, while Hibana, an Attacker, is packing a launcher that fires exothermic charges capable of breaching even reinforced walls. There’s plenty more improvements and tweaks detailed on the official Rainbow Six blog.


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