RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Is Hosting Free Weekend

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To attract more players into the game, the highly-successful Rainbow Six Siege, which is currently the sixth most-played game on Steam, is hosting another free weekend, which will give players access to all the game’s content and will be available on all platforms the game is in from August 16-20, 2018.

The free weekend will commence at different times for all the different platforms Rainbow Six Siege is in. You can check the schedule of the free weekend below:

PC: August 16th 17:00 UTC – August 19th 20:00 UTC
Xbox One: August 16th UTC – August 20th 06:59 UTC
PlayStation 4: August 16th 13:00 UTC – August 20th 13:00 UTC

The best thing about the free weekend is that all the progress made will be carried over when newcomers decide to but the full game. Moreover, Ubisoft will also offer the game at a discount for a limited time on all platforms below:

PC (via UPLAY): August 16-27
PC (via Steam): August 16-20
Xbox One: August 16-27
PlayStation 4: August 15-25

Rainbow Six Siege is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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