RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Rakes in 30 Million Players

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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a steady rise over the past few years since its initial launch back in 2015. Over the years, the game introduced many new features that kept it important in the highly competing gaming industry. Recently, Rainbow Six Siege introduced Operation Chimera where players are faced with virally infected monsters  Now, Ubisoft is proud to announce that Rainbow Six Siege was able to rake in 30 million players worldwide across all platforms.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Chimera Outbreak

“Today, it is our pleasure to announce that Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 30 Million Registered Players!” The developer announced in an update. “With the launch of Year 3, Rainbow Six Siege continues to evolve through Operation Chimera, Outbreak and many other updates, and our community keeps growing along with it! We’d like to thank our community for their continued support and look forward to many more years of Rainbow Six Siege to come!”


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