Ranking the 10 Fastest VPN for Playing and Hosting Online Games

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There’s a lot to consider when choosing a VPN that will work for you. Factors like price, security, customer care, and related software come into play. The most critical area to consider for online gaming, however, is speed. Many of the modern online games are heavy-duty, and having a slow VPN can be frustrating. This article offers a list of the fastest VPNs in the market right now and all their other specs to help you choose one that you can afford and use effectively.


Offers a large number of servers in many locations which ensures you get very high speed. It is also compatible with many different devices. It has an enhanced encryption service for added protection. The price is a bit high with an option between 80.04 dollars a year or 9.95 dollars a month.

It provides high online security, incredible speeds, and has reduced delays that occur before the execution of a command. It, however, has a smaller number of servers compared to the rest. The price per month is $10.95 and $69.00 for three years. It has a unique offer of a 30-day refund policy.


It’s a lot more user-friendly than all the other VPNs because it also has pre-configured routers that are sold to console gamers with games that don’t support VPN apps. It has high data encryption for security and extremely high speeds with no buffering problems. Their website offers a great set and guidelines where one can view performance details and ask questions. It has a good plan of $6.67 per month, and if you pay for a whole year, you’ll get an additional three months free.


It has a connection kill switch feature which enhances anonymity. One can also make payments using bitcoin. The best feature is that it keeps no logs which is a massive bonus for privacy. Their yearly program is relatively cheap at $58.49 and $7.50 for the monthly option.


Perhaps its biggest pro it enables one to access sites that other VPN don’t support like social and entertainment services. It also preserves anonymity by not keeping logs. The yearly plan is a bit pricey at $71.88 and $2.75 per month.

Kill Ping

If your needs are only for gaming, this is the perfect VPN for that because it has a highly reduced ping and a stable server connection.

Private Internet Access VPN

This VPN offers some of the best features at an incredibly low price. It provides customer security, ad blockers, sharing of files and has thousands of available servers. Its monthly plan goes for $3.33 and $39.95 per year.

TunnelBear VPN

This VPN has excellent security features that don’t interfere with its user-friendliness. It also has a useful browser extension including an exclusive ad-blocker. It has an affordable two-year plan at $4.17 per month, and it comes with a free trial.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

This VPN has very flexible pricing ranging from 7 days to 100 years. It also offers high security and privacy by ensuring that your browsing is encrypted.

Buffered VPN

Although a bit pricier than the others, it has decent global coverage and very low latency. It also has incredible upload speeds and offers both Android and IOS as options. It goes for $12.99 per month, $59.94 for six months, and $99.00 for 13 months with one month free for the first year.

When choosing a VPN, it is important to outline what your needs are and also what you can afford. Choose one that also offers a trial period and a refund guarantee. Reading reviews by other buyers will come in handy too. Be on the lookout for any bonus features that will make your gaming experience go a lot smoother.

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