Rat Learned How To Play DOOM II Using VR

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With the VR tech, you can learn about animals’ cognitive function and help with training them to do some amazing things. Meet Viktor Toth’s Doom II playing rats. Toth taught 3 rats how to play Doom II using VR, and by play, he means that the rats were able to guide the maze-like levels of the game. He set up his little rodent rig by having a big polystyrene ball for the rats to use their feet to navigate on. Then he set up a tiny harness for the rats and awarded them with sugar water for doing well, and using puffs of air when they did things like run into walls. Eventually, the rats were able to pass the levels with one doing so well Toth was able to teach it how to shoot in-game. You can read all about the experiment in Toth’s detailed blog post.

Source: Nerdist

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