Razer Launches Its First 5G Handheld Console This January

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Razer 5G Handheld Console

Razer has revealed its upcoming 5G handheld to the public, following the device’s reveal last October. The ‘Razer Edge’ android-based system will release on US store shelves on January 26th, with a few options available to buyers.

The top-of-the-line model — which comes with said 5G capabilities — retails for $599, while pricing for the Wi-Fi model starts at $399. That might sound like a lot for something that’s concentrating on cloud gaming above all, but some of the specs are impressive.

The Razer Edge also has a 6.8″ 144hz AMOLED display, and the company isn’t holding back on its resolution either. The upcoming handheld is rocking a 2400×1800 screen.

Razer 5G Handheld Console

inside the device is powered by the latest Snapdragon ‘G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform’, which Razer says will allow “long gaming sessions playing top AAA titles and native games on the go without having to compromise performance”.

Xbox says it is “excited to partner with Razer to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to its newest handheld console”, with this being the latest in a long line of cloud gaming partnerships. Recently, Xbox also teamed up with Logitech to work on its G Cloud console, while the company is also expanding its Samsung TV Xbox Cloud Gaming support.

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