Razer Revealed the Lightest Naga X MMO Mouse Yet

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Razer Naga X MMO Mouse

Razer revealed a new gadget to their Naga family of gaming mice. The Razer Naga X is a new MMO mouse that is the lightest Naga mouse out there but still has a lot of buttons that “give gamers an undisputed advantage and a greater arsenal of commands at their fingertips” in the signature button pattern. In total, the Naga X features 16 buttons that are programmable that have been ergonomically placed to give quick access. Whether you need a button to be a plain function like acting as a hotkey or a macro, the Naga X can do it all. Razer HyperShift mode provides for a second set of tasks as long as the HyperShift button is pressed.

The Naga X weighs 85g and uses 2nd-gen Razer Optical Mouse Switches for quicker actuation and advanced reliability. In addition, it uses the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor and uses a Razer Speedflex cable to give unhindered flow. The 100% PTFE Mouse Feet revealed smooth glides ideal for long gaming hours.

The Naga X enables you to store personal settings and you can set the Razer Chroma RGB. You can get The Naga X now for $79.99 from Razer.com or any retailer.

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