Razer Seiren Elite Professional Microphone is Specially Designed For Game Streamers

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Razer Seiren Elite Professional Microphone

Razer is one the most popular hardware manufacturer has created a new broadcast quality microphone, it is specially made for game streamers and it is called Razer Seiren Elite microphone. It will cost you $200 or €220 the Razer Seiren Elite is now available to purchase and features a single dynamic capsule and cardioid capture pattern for accurate wide frequency recording. It will also offer Zero Latency Monitoring, 16-bit/48kHz Resolution, and Flat Frequency Response Monitoring.

The new microphone comes with a built-in high-pass filter to remove unwanted low-frequencies, such as those generated by air-conditioners or similar. It comes with another added feature to help keep audio under control during lively and enthusiastic broadcasts is the digital/ analog vocal limiter. Which will automatically adjust audio gains to prevent distortion and popping during heightened excitement, allowing streamers to keep their audio balanced and stable even during the most intense action sequences.

The Razer Seiren Elite microphone is now available to purchase all over the world, and unlike most professional grade microphones, that require extra recording equipment such as converters and mixers, the Seiren Elite mic can be connected directly to your PC, simplifying the audio setup process.

The Razer Seiren Elite microphone joins other already available hardware in the Razer Broadcaster range in the form of the Razer Kiyo streaming camera which comes complete with a built-in ring light, and last year won the Tom’s Guide Innovation award for peripherals. Check out the link below for more information.



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