Razer Visa Card for Gamers And It Comes With LED

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Razer Visa Card

Razer is launching a new prepaid card system in partnership with Visa, and if you were thinking how the gaming peripheral producer would put its stamp on something so mundane to its usual offerings, comes with LED lighting. Did you expect without the logo and lightning?

Taking an example from Apple, the Razer Card joins the option of making digital payments with a virtual card and payment app (Razer Pay), with a physical card without numbers you can carry in your wallet or purse. If going the first route, you can choose between the Standard card or, if you want Razer’s logo which glows neon green when making a payment, the Premium card.

It will be offered through Razer Fintech, which is Razer’s financial technology wing, the new prepaid cards net users 1% back on select purchases, and 5% back on things which will be bought at Razer’s online store. And there is a “gamified” rewards system in play.

“Access a unique gamified rewards system through the Razer Pay app, where unlike traditional cards’ loyalty programs, users go through a personalized experience to track, score and redeem rewards based on tasks and everyday transactions,” Razer explains.

Most of you will have to wait to get a credit card with LED as it is only being offered to 1,337 people in Singapore as part of a beta testing period before it launches big scale.


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