Razers Project Hazel, World’s First Smart Mask, With RGB Lightning

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Razer Project Hazel Smart Mask

Razer unveiled Project Hazel at the CES, it is a multi-use smart mask that is classified as an N95 medical-grade mask with Smart Pods that filter at least 95% of airborne particles and it comes with fluid resistance. However, This is not just it. Project Hazel has a transparent design so when you talk your mouth is visible to others.

There is also RGB lightning that comes with it that automatically turns on in the dark. Razer is also packing a Razer VoiceAmp Technology which uses a built-in microphone and amplifier to improve the accuracy of communication and deal with muffled voices, You won’t sound like Bane when you wearing it. The masks are also created to help decrease  waste by utilizing “replaceable and rechargeable disc-type ventilators that can be conveniently sanitized of bacteria and viruses by placing it inside its dual-purpose wireless fast charging box with disinfecting UV-light interior.”


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