Read About The Intriguing Referral Program Offered By The Cricket++ Platform

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What if you can make money by playing cricket on your mobile phone? Isn’t it amazing?

But it is true, now you can win exciting rewards if you have knowledge of cricket, it is enough to play cricket online and win rewards. In the whole process, the best thing is that you can win even real cash money with your cricket skills.

You just have to install the Cricket++ platform and register yourself with real documents so that you don’t have to face any complications while winning cash rewards. These games are good for entertainment, the cricket gaming platform is considered to be the best platform. 


Cricket++ App

Cricket++ app is available both for the desktop and the application. It is somewhat different from other cricket gaming platforms. Here you don’t have to choose eleven players but instead, you have to choose 5 best players and 3 worst players for the game or to join any tournament or event. If your choice turns out to be right or your prediction goes correct, then you will win exciting prizes as well as real cash money rewards. The entry fee of the event or tournament varies from Rs 15 to Rs 600. 

To use the Cricket++ gaming platform, you have to first fill up your details such as username, email, and password. 


Referral program offered by Cricket++ platform

At the time of signing up, if you have any referral, add it as you will get Rs 50 for a bonus of signing up. You can add your phone number and email if you want to avail some other benefits. When you enter a referral of someone, if they have added cash in their Cricket++ wallet, then you only will receive a signup bonus. Also, your friend will also get Rs 50 on his/her first deposit on the Cricket++ platform.

The signup bonus you received, you can use to play grand leagues, to join contests on this gaming platform. 

When you join a contest with a referral, you will get more rewards as you are also considered an experienced player instead of those who add their money to join the contest.

The intriguing referral program provided by Cricket++ is preferred by almost all gamers. It allows you to invite your friends and play the game with your friends. It has a unique referral code – IHD FANTASY!

It is compulsory for the players to use referral during the signup but it doesn’t provide any cash reward. The pros of the Cricket++ platform are that it has provided various modes of payments for adding money. It has different e-wallets, which have positive as well as negative points. For most of the users, it has become easy to add money.

But it is also the consequence of the Cricket++ platform as it has a different platform format, which makes it a complicated platform and it becomes difficult to understand.

While on the other hand, Getmega is another gaming platform that provides referrals at the time to sign up as a new user. And you can also use these referrals during the time of events and tournaments organized by the Getmega gaming platform. Get mega provides a variety of games such as card games, casual games, and trivia games. Card games include poker and rummy, casual games include carrom and pool and trivia games include quizzes and puzzles

Get mega has an attractive referral program. When you invite anyone or your friend about the get mega app, it will offer you Rs 10 on every referral. But it is compulsory to fulfill certain criteria.

Following are the criteria:

  1. Referral should be on the referee’s contact list.
  2. Referral has to play at least one game with the referral in video chat mode.

In the end, there is no doubt that Cricket++ has an intriguing referral program. It will give you a different but amazing experience in the fantasy cricket platform i.e Cricket++. If you think you have been missing out on receiving any information or you have any trouble regarding the Cricket++ game, you can comment on your query in the comment section. The Customer Support team will surely revert you and solve your query.

If you’re in telegram you can join the Cricket++ telegram channel for all the updates regarding the events and tournaments, we have provided almost all the information regarding Cricket++ and its intriguing referral program. If your aim is to win rewards and cash money rewards, then you should look at the referral program of the gaming platforms as there are many apps that provide better referral programs such as Getmega. In the end, games are all about entertainment. Winning or losing is another thing, thus, you should concentrate more on fun rather than competition.

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