Real-life Fallout 4 Pip-Boy is Available No More

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Fallout 4

If you’re a Fallout fan, then chances are you have already pre-ordered your copy of Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition complete with a real Pip-Boy for your wrist. If you missed out and are hoping for a second run, you’re all out of luck. Bethesda cannot offer any more of these limited editions of the game. So there will be no more Pip-boy’s for you.

Factories producing the real Pip-Boy have said they have already reached maximum capacity. They can’t produce more in the allotted time, and they don’t have the capacity to produce more in the future because they are so busy.


The news of no more real Pip-Boys comes via Pete Hines, Bethesda’s marketing vice president. He also confirmed that Pip-Boys continued to be made, but they have all been allocated to fulfill existing pre-orders. It’s not like Bethesda placed a small order, either. Hines says this is the largest limited edition run the company has ever undertaken and they kept asking for more to be made until they were told “no.”

The collector’s edition costs $120 for everything in the box, but I will not be surprised to see just the Pip-Boy go for more than that after the November 10 launch date. It turns to gold and we will see some crazy prices when people start selling theirs.

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