Rechargeable LED Corks Which Turns Your Old Bottles Into Lamps

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Rechargeable LED Corks

The rechargeable bottlelight developed by Suck UK, a home accessory and gift company, turns old empty bottles into beautiful, simple table lamps.

Rechargeable LED Corks

The lamp looks much like a large tapered wine cork, the bottom of which is a bright white LED light. When switched on and placed inside the bottle’s neck, the lamp will shine for up to 3 hours before needing a new charge, which will take an hour through its USB connection. Obviously, the white LED light will assume the color of whatever color the bottle is, giving users the opportunity to create both simple desk lamps and colored atmospheric lights.

More info: Amazon | suckuk.com (h/t: laughingsquid)

Rechargeable LED Corks  Rechargeable LED Corks


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