Recording Videos From Games with Movavi Game Capture

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Movavi Game Capture

Whether you want to create a video containing tips for a video game that you’re particularly skilled at, or would like to show off your prowess and share it for others to see – you’ll want to be able to record videos from your games. At first that may seem complicated, but honestly recording video footage from PC games is a lot easier than you probably imagine it to be.

With Movavi Game Capture you’ll have a specialized game screen recorder at your disposal that will make it a piece of cake to record in-game footage.  Once you launch it you’ll see the ‘Capture’ tab and you should make sure the list under ‘Capture mode’ is set to ‘Game’.

Additionally, you’ll see several icons right below that. By default the ‘System Audio’ icon should be highlighted to record audio from your speakers, but you may also want to click on the ‘Microphone’ icon to record your voice as you play the game, as well as the ‘Webcam’ icon if you want to record video footage of yourself via a webcam. If you prefer Movavi Game Capture will even let you save your microphone audio and webcam video in separate files.

In the ‘Video’ tab you can set up the resolution (which should be at ‘Original’ if you want it to match the game resolution) as well as the frame rate. Keep in mind the higher the frame rate, the larger the file size – which is why you may want to use the slider to adjust the video quality in Movavi Game Capture.

While you could start recording then launch the game, Movavi Game Capture will also let you start recording while you’re in-game using hotkeys (i.e. F10 to start or stop, and F9 to pause). At any point, you will be able to tell if it is recording as there’ll be a red caption while the recording is ongoing, or a green caption if it is not.

As you can see it is easy enough to set up and start recording videos from games using Movavi Game Capture. In fact, considering how straightforward it is, you should give it a try for yourself so that you can experiment with its features and familiarize yourself with them. It won’t take more than a few minutes – and once you are able to grasp how it works you can create any kind of content you want from your in-game videos.

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