Recycled Jet Beds is the King of All Beds

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Recycled Jet Beds is the King of All Beds

Welcome to the Mile High Club, The thing is, it probably costs steep because getting your own bed made from an actual jet’s cowling obviously won’t be cheap.

What’s a cowling, you may ask? It’s essentially the cover of the engine of a plane. And yes, they’re now using the engine covers from old plans and turning them into beds for the rich and the kinky.

Not everyone can say they did the dirty in a cushy bed fabricated from the cowling of the 380-passenger McDonnel Douglas DC-10. The 84″ round beds are all custom made, and you can choose to have it done with a satin finish, painted, or mirror polished. The base of the bed and the portholes are all illuminated with LEDs so you can see what you’re doing–and, of course, who you’re doing it with.

So if you can shell out the dough, then get ready to have the time of your life and bring the excitement of the skies back to your own bedroom. Get ready for blast off!



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