Red Dead Online Fans Frustrated At Latest Update

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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online fans are now even more frustrated at Rockstar Games following the latest lackluster new update.

While GTA Online (which we stopped covering a while back because the game is just a clickbait now) continues to be a great moneymaker, Red Dead Online is always left in the dust. Sure, GTA Online is definitely the most popular of the two online, but fans feel that Rockstar isn’t even giving the western games a chance to rise because they are invested in the decade-old game and busy selling junk items for real cash.

It seems with every update, Red Dead Online fans have a reason to be pissed off, venting anger at Rockstar on more than one occasion. GTA Online not only benefits from XP bonus events, but it regularly has meaty content updates with a superabundance of new missions, locations, and even guest stars such as Dr. Dre.

The new update for Red Dead Online went live earlier this week on May 3rd. So, will fans be treated to new missions, events, and perhaps even a Clint Eastwood cameo? Nope! Fans have been once again treated with bonus XP, Gold, and RDO$

While bonuses such as this one are usually a welcomed addition, I can understand why fans resume growing frustrated with Rockstar Games’ barebone efforts. Granted, we’ve had a bunch of events, but where are the DLC-like areas and guest stars?

Why have you guys literally given up on the game? It would take minimal effort to implement good content into the game,” said Vladolak on Twitter. “Add in Heists, new horses/houses, you could literally just repackage content from GTA online to add to red dead and that would be better than what’s goin on.

Missed opportunity. I hope you and your investors soon realise that. I thought you were about “pushing the limits”, as Sam Houser said?” replied passionate community member, Ben aka videotech.

At this rate, for many Red Dead Online fans have every reason to give up on the game, but many don’t want to see it die. The game has so much potential, yet Rockstar Games doesn’t appear to match the love of fans that will see RDO advance.

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