Red Dead Online Is Packed With Weird And Crazy Horses

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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s latest update, Blood Money, released some new missions and little features to the game. It also appears to have broken something. Now, whenever players get into the game, they are finding dead random horses or living ones that just round around forever, creating mayhem.

On July 13, Rockstar published the newest update for Red Dead Online. It was a little update that added some new missions and a fresh Outlaw Pass to level up. But soon after it went live, players started noticing some odd horses around the huge RDO map.

Many of these horses seemed to be player-owned since they have fancy saddles and accessories like lamps and all. Yet their owner was nowhere to be found. Sometimes these animals just show up dead in random places. Other times they are seen standing around, forever waiting and waiting. The weirdest and most unusual are the random horses that are running across the map, apparently with no destination. These horses have even smashed into players, creating some amazing ragdoll effects.

These horses appear to be player-owned and sometimes people are finding clones of their own horses out in the middle of the game’s large open world. Often these stray horses can’t be interacted with in any way.

While these horses have been creating some small crashes and random injuries, there is at least one verified case of a random, out-of-control player horse saving someone. Even more mysterious that person was dressed like Fat Albert. (

Where are these out-of-control and cloned horses coming from? Well, a few theories have been passed around on Reddit and Twitter, with many pointing towards a bug involving in-game stables. When you enter the stable, sometimes you can see your horse running out of the stable during the cutscene. Others think some of these horses are being left behind when players are disconnected, something that still happens more often than you’d think in Red Dead Online.

As with those earlier mistakes, it’s very likely that these random, wild player horses will get fixed away soon. In fact, by the time you are reading this, it might already be sorted out. And though this will be patched away one day, it is a reminder of just how difficult and hard it is to make and keep a huge online video game.

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