Red Dead Online Open Beta Live Now

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Red Dead Online

All right Red Dead fans, the multiplayer experience is finally here! Well.. in beta form that is. Beginning today, users who have purchased the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition have access to Red Dead Online. Red Dead Online looks to improve upon the multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption and give players access to everything Red Dead Redemption has to offer.

Rockstar has planned for a roll-out release schedule for the beta with Ultimate Edition owners gaining access today, November 27. Day one buyers will receive beta access tomorrow, November 28. Early adopters, who played after launch but before October 29, gain beta access on November 29. Finally, the beta will be opened to all players beginning November 30. Apparently, some Xbox One Ultimate Edition owners have been having trouble getting their beta access. Also, according to early players, the beta does seem to have numerous bugs that have dropped players during sessions so be prepared for that when you finally get access.


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