Red Dead Online’s Naturalist Update Comes With an Impossible Choice

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Red Dead Online

A new update delivers a new Frontier Pursuit, the Naturalist, into the mix, along with different Outlaw Pass.

Starting on the Naturalist profession will set you up with conservationist Harriet Davenport, whose aim is to preserve and study several legendary animals. If that seems like your kind of thing, you’ll have to track these animals and sedate them so you can get their blood samples.

Your new conservationist friend isn’t the only one after the seven new legendary beasties Rockstar’s released into the world, She’s joined by big-game hunter Gus Macmillan, and he wants you to work with you.

So you’ve got an unimaginable choice to make: Harriet and the conservation of rare animals on one side, and Gus and his plans for their skins on the other. It should be easy, but isn’t one of the principal goals of Red Dead Online the collection of fancy outfits? And only by teaming up with Gus will you will get different garments made from these legendary animals.

Naturalists will get mercy kill ability, an animal field guide that assists with tracking, an enhanced camera with a first-person viewfinder and improved mobility, and a new horse and gear. The legendary animal skins, meanwhile, can be used into hooded coats when given to Gus. On top of the new coats, there are 800 new clothing pieces and modifications in the update.

To find the rarest legendary animals, you’ll need to accept missions from Harriet, but the Frontier Pursuit also includes three new free roam events, tasking players with defending and tagging animals while poachers try to hunt them.

Until October 19, you can get the Outlaw Pass 3 for 40 gold bars. You’ll get an XP boost, unique weapon customization parts, a new dog, camera filters, and also cool 40 gold bars back.

Even if you choose not to use your bars on the Naturalist or the Outlaw Pass, the new DLC comes with some enhancements. There are the changes to the warning indicator, which makes the direction signs brighter and bolder, new daily challenges and rewards, clothing combinations, and asynchronous matchmaking that get into players into free roam while they wait.

The Naturalist is already released.


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