Redfall Gameplay And Released Date Confirmed

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Anne Lewis, Senior Content Manager, Bethesda Softworks has taken to the official Xbox blog to announce more details about the highly anticipated release of Redfall and what you can expect from the game. Redfall will officially release on May 2, 2023, and will be available to play on PC and Xbox Series X|S.


Redfall is open-world, story-driven, and can be played as a cooperative first-person shooter or a single-player from game development studio Arkane Austin. The award-winning team behind Prey and Dishonored. Continuing Arkane’s legacy of carefully crafted worlds and immersive sims, Redfall brings the studio’s signature gameplay to this story-driven action shooter“.

Redfall release date confirmed

“Danger lurks around every corner and it’s up to you to clean up the streets. Take on a variety of missions throughout the world and face down terrifying vampire underbosses to make the town a little safer for the survivors. While you’re busy being the friendly neighborhood vampire hunter, you’ll also be gathering intel about the mysteries surrounding the island and its new vampire overlords — intel that will eventually lead you to the vampire gods controlling everything…

“Slay alone or squad up with up to 4 player co-op and face off against the bloodsuckers holding the island hostage. In signature Arkane style, you will choose your path across the island and through the vampire masses as you discover what caused this plague of bloodsuckers and put an end to the threat.

Explore a beautifully hand-crafted open world packed with detail and shine a light on the island’s darkest corners as you fight to uncover the vampires’ secrets. Choose from a roster of heroes with unique, upgradeable skills and gear them up with customizable weaponry found all over the island. Bite Back. “

Source: Xbox Wire

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