Redfall Grave Locks Locations Guide

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In the town of Redfall, an ominous presence lurks in the shadows. A vampire threat has taken over the town, leaving its residents terrified and vulnerable. However, amidst the chaos, there are scattered artifacts that hold the key to uncovering the mystery behind this menace. These artifacts are known as Grave Locks.

Grave Locks are small, psychic artifacts that contain locks of hair taken from a mysterious figure connected to the vampire threat in Redfall. These locks of hair are said to be imbued with powerful psychic energy, and those who possess them can hear echoes of the figure’s story.

These locks are not easily found, as they are hidden in caches and hard-to-reach places throughout the town. Those who are brave enough to collect them will be rewarded with bonuses to their psychic residue regeneration. This can be incredibly helpful in the fight against the vampire threat, as psychic residue is essential for using psychic abilities and surviving in Redfall.

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But who is the mysterious figure connected to these locks? What is her story, and how does it relate to the vampire threat in Redfall? These questions remain unanswered, but those who collect the Grave Locks may be one step closer to uncovering the truth behind this enigmatic figure and the threat that looms over the town.

As the people of Redfall continue to live in fear, the Grave Locks offer a glimmer of hope. With each lock collected, the story of this mysterious figure becomes clearer, and the power of psychic energy grows stronger. It is up to the brave souls who dare to collect them to unravel the secrets of Redfall and put an end to the vampire threat once and for all.

Finding Grave Locks will unlock the following achievements:

  • “Wounded Whispers” (10 Gamerscore) — Collect your first grave lock.
  • “Faith Healer” (17 Gamerscore) — Collect all grave locks.

To get the first Grave Lock (which is a blue glowing tube) after leaving the fire station, in Mission 2 at the helicopter crash site on the island within the lake, search the picnic tables.

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Next, the “I’m Sorry” Grave Lock location lies near the roundabout in the Sedgewick area, it’s at a nearby rooftop.


Redfall – Grave Lock – I’m Sorry Location

Up next is the “Just Me” Grave Lock in the Old Town area.


Redfall – Grave Lock – Just Me Location

The “Disease in the Blood” Grave Lock location:


Redfall – Grave Lock – Disease in the Blood Location

The “I Lived” Grave Lock location:


Redfall – Grave Lock – I Lived Location

The “I Wanted Help” Grave Lock location:


Redfall – Grave Lock – I Wanted Help Location

The “Salvation” Grave Lock location:


Redfall – Grave Lock – Salvation Location

The “Needles and Words” Grave Lock location:

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