Remedy’s Control is Getting Two Expansions Next Year

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Remedy’s Control

Control is an awesome game played from a third-person perspective. Made by Remedy, the game is using their Northlight Engine which was first used in their previous game called Quantum Break. You will be taking the role of Jesse Faden who uses the Service Weapon, which is essentially a supernatural firearm that has many cool features.


What’s the future of Control going to be?

Even though the game is less than a month old, there are already big plans for its future. In fact, there have already been a couple of updates and according to the official announcement, the company is going to continue and build on the world of Control, creating additional game content all the way through 2020. In addition, the developers are also working on the so-called “Photo Mode”. This will allow you to take snapshots of Jesse in the Oldest House.


New Game Mode

Expeditions will be the new game mode available for Control this December. Here, Jesse will have to help Security Chief Arish explore “the mysterious formation and its strange surroundings”. Needless to say, you will have to get the best gear possible in order to have a chance of surviving this deadly encounter. Lastly; Expeditions will be free for all players, which is really cool!



The devs are planning on making two full, paid expansions called The Foundation and AWE. They will offer new stories, enemies and locations within the Oldest House.

The Foundation will be mainly focused on exploring the history of the Old House. That said, expect some weird stuff happening. On the other hand, AWE, the second expansion will be related to the Investigations Sector and examining the Altered World Events.


Future of Control

If the game continues to rise in popularity, it is very possible to see a future update that focuses on making it a legit esports. Even though this is clearly not the path that the devs are currently taking, the esports scene is growing rapidly so we won’t be surprised if they change their vision in the future.

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