Remember Sony’s Freaky PS2 Commercials?

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Sony’s Freaky PS2 Commercials

Well sexy flash showing adverisements always win to sell the product and that’s exactly what Sony did but then went too far with it some of them was quite disturbing but PS2 was a massive hit and a game changer with a twist.

Sony’s PR dudes knew this back in the fledgling days of the PlayStation 2. Alas, this was lost in translation when it came time to advertise the console in France. Ad agency TBWA were given the job, and sexy it was not.

Perhaps Mr. Sony’s French wasn’t so good. He meant to ask for a little female flesh to be involved, and instead he was given women peeling off skin-sweaters, human skin being shed snake-style, plus all manner of hideous abominations from the depths of the devil’s ass. Go to Kotaku for more.

Sony’s PS2 Commercials


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