RESIDENT EVIL 2 Killed RESIDENT EVIL 7 On Steam Platform

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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is a huge hit upon its launch last Friday, Recently revealed on Reddit, Resident Evil 2 has completely destroyed past Resident Evil 7 in terms of peak player count on Steam. As of right now, the biggest peak player count for Resident Evil 2 was set 2 days ago at 74,227 versus the peak of Resident Evil 7 2 years ago at 20,449. That is 4 times the number of players that have chosen the new take on one of horrors best games matched to the previous release in the franchise!

There are of course many factors that could have played into the early lead Resident Evil 2 has seen so far including the excellent 1 shot demo. Regardless of the cause, it is great to see a game doing well early, and hopefully, it will last to perform well for Capcom so we can see many awesome games in the future from the developer.


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