RESIDENT EVIL 4 REMAKE VR Mode Announced With New Trailer

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Capcom has been on an impressive streak with its series of remakes for past Resident Evil games, captivating fans with their modernized versions. The most recent triumph came in the form of Resident Evil 4, which underwent a complete remake and was met with resounding success. Building upon the popularity of first-person perspectives introduced in games like Resident Evil VII and Resident Evil Village, Capcom has been keenly aware of the desires of its fanbase. Consequently, the company has been diligently working on catering to the thirst of first-person shooter enthusiasts. And now, the PlayStation Showcase has unveiled an exciting new development—a virtual reality mode for the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Officially titled Resident Evil 4 VR Mode, this immersive experience will be offered as downloadable content (DLC) for the base game. The best part? It’s completely free, allowing players to delve even deeper into the horror-filled world of the game. Leveraging the power of virtual reality and motion controls, Capcom has taken gameplay to a whole new level. Actions such as parrying and reloading are now intricately tied to the player’s real-time movements. Picture this: a chainsaw-wielding villager lunges towards you, and it’s entirely up to you to physically evade the impending blow. Furthermore, the addition of dual wielding grants players the freedom to simultaneously shoot down enemies while fiercely slashing at them with Leon’s trusty knife.

Resident Evil VR Mode is slated for an exclusive release on PS VR2, compatible with the PlayStation 5 console. As mentioned earlier, this thrilling DLC will be available at no additional cost to players. While further details remain under wraps, fans can eagerly anticipate more information being unveiled in the near future. Brace yourselves as you prepare to step into the shoes of Leon once again, only this time, the true horrors of Resident Evil 4 will be experienced through his very eyes!

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