How to Retrieve your INJUSTICE 2 Character’s Lost Progress

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Injustice 2

According to the forums and the Reddit Community, there’s a secret bug going around that affects your character’s progress in INJUSTICE 2. Apparently, all the hard work you’ve been putting into leveling up your character is lost when you leave the game and play it again at a later stage, leading to crushing feedback from the gamers.

Netherrealm Studios is reportedly working on a problem, but Warner Bros. Game Support has issued a solution to work around the problem so long:

“…several customers on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms have called in regarding the issue, and the developers are aware and working towards a solution. In the meantime…{support} had fixed every one of the calls by having the customer perform a reset on their console to clear local cache.”

On the surface it just means powering down your console, waiting about half a minute, and powering up again. If this doesn’t work after a few times, then contact WB Support so that they can assist you to recover your lost progress directly.

Source: Kotaku


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