Retro Atari Jaguar Games Are Getting a Physical Release

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Retro Atari Jaguar Games

Funstock has collaborated with Piko Interactive to deliver a collection of Jaguar games in Europe. Those games are Head Over Heels, Impossamole, and Switchblade.

If these games spark your interest, keep in mind that pre-orders close on August 2nd. The games are set for release in September 2021 at for £44.99 each. Here are some details about the games:


Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels is a strategy puzzle arcade adventure game, developed by Ocean Software for the Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Jaguar, and other 8-bit computers.



Impossamole is a platform-based game developed by Core Design. It was originally released in 1990, and published by Gremlin Graphics. It’s the sixth and final game in the Monty Mole series. Piko Interactive has remastered the music and made improvements to the gameplay for a better user experience!



Switchblade is a classic Amiga action platformer from the late ’80s originally developed by Core Design. Heavily drawing inspiration from both Japanese and Western pop culture. The new cover artwork has been created by Simon Phipps – the original creator of Switchblade!

Looking at the three games at £44.99 each, or $62.47 if you are purchasing in America, will you buy one, two, or all three?

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