Retro-Bit Announces Wireless Tribute 64

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Wireless Tribute 64

Retro-Bit has just revealed the pre-orders for the wireless version of their Tribute 64 and it will open on April 7th! The design looks like a Wii U Gamepad with its shoulder button layout. While this design would have been exciting to see make it into the retail release, According to the official FAQ they have also been revamped to be more stable than the ones currently found on the wired versions.

The new design comes with a wider handle layout and repositioned D-pad, which is sure to please many who took problem with the original Tribute 64. New Home and Select buttons have also been added to make using the controller on new platforms easier compared to the awkward C-Button placement they have on the original USB variant.

Retro-Bit has included a snippet about the new sticks in their official FAQ that states they are “technically,… quite close to the original N64 throw range.” The stick ranges on the original Tribute 64 are very high, resulting in some sensitivity issues with some games and outright breaking a couple of others.


The wireless receiver for N64 will have a switch on it that will enable users to switch between being able to use the rumble feature or access the port created into it for Memory Paks. Do note that the receiver won’t be compatible with Transfer Paks. It does look like there will be some limitations to this switch at release, as you can only use one mode or the other and have to have it set before powering on the system. Switching the modes during gameplay is said to cause errors, so hopefully, we can see an update to address this in the future. For USB-based systems, the rumble feature is said to work automatically if it is supported on the hardware.

Each Wireless Tribute 64 will come with a built-in rechargeable battery which will last between 15-30 hours depending on the use of rumble. Charging is said to only take up to 2 hours from the USB-C port as well. As with prior Retro-Bit Wireless controllers, firmware for both the controller and receivers will be completely updatable as time goes on to address any bugs that get found post-launch or to add in new features.

Pre-orders for the Wireless Tributes will start at $39.99 at Castlemania Games, PNP Games, and Dragonbox Shop (for European buyers) and come in a Classic Grey or Atomic Purple color scheme. Retro-Bit has also announced that there will be a limited release of a special Ultra Edition based on the design of the prototype Nintendo Ultra 64 controller! This color variant will likely be a one-and-done run, so make sure to get it ordered from select online retailers like Castlemania Games while they are available. Pre-orders will be shipped in May for the Ultra Edition, and July for the Classic Grey and Atomic Purple.


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