Retro Combo Game MEGA MAN BATTLE & FIGHTERS Is Now Available To Play

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The SNK Corporation has got together two beloved Mega Man games from the NEOGEO Pocket Color and took them to the Nintendo Switch. To do this, they combined them into a single title called MEGA MAN BATTLE & FIGHTERS, which will contain both MEGA MAN: THE POWER BATTLE and MEGAMAN 2: THE POWER FIGHTERS.

The game is now available via the NEOGEO Pocket Color Selection. Fans can play as different characters like PROTO MAN, BASS, and DUO, each with their own distinctive play styles. This combat-focused series lets players jump straight to taking on boss characters from the MEGA MAN games 1 to 7. Defeat a total of 40 bosses and put an end to DR. WILY’s plans for world domination. Set out and collect all 36 types to load up your own private database.

This version of the game includes only the Japanese version and trading functions have been disabled. However, the manual from the NEOGEO POCKET Color edition is included.

If you want to give it a try to this game then head to the Nintendo eShop and snag MEGA MAN BATTLE & FIGHTERS today for $7.99/ 7,99€. After this, fans can expect to their next retro fix with the NEOGEO POCKET COLOR SELECTION Vol.2.

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