Retro Designed Adesso AKB-636 Mechanical Keyboard

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Adesso AKB-636 Mechanical Keyboard

Check out this brilliantly styled retro mechanical keyboard which is made by Adesso, It is called Adesso AKB-636 Mechanical Keyboard, and it will be available for purchase later this year. It is modestly priced at $100 and you can directly purchase it from the official Adesso website.

The Adesso AKB-636UB Desktop Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard is the perfect keyboard for users that love efficiency with a “retro” design.

Adesso AKB-636 Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard features silver-colored mechanical keys for improving productivity, N-Key Rollover provides up to 6 keys to be held at the same time, multi-functional hotkeys that give you quick access to your media player tools. With the smooth action of the mechanical keys, you can type faster than you believe, handling up to 50 million keystrokes.

The smooth and crisp tactile feedback allows you to have a quick, more precise typing experience and contains 45-50g of actuation force. With the Adesso AKB-636UB Desktop Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard, you not only have a discussion piece with a look from the olden days, but you will also have the strength and precision of the technology of now.

If your desk isn’t ready for a vintage look, don’t despair. Modern looking mechanical keyboards exist too. With a bit of research, you can even find partial throwbacks to the days of typewriters instead of full-on chrome and gloss black typing machines. If you want something modern, take a look at Go Mechanical Keyboard’s guide to the best keyboards on the market. It offers items for every budget, so if the Adesso AKB-636 is out of your price range it shouldn’t be difficult to find something more reasonable. Regardless, you should pick up a mechanical keyboard. They change daily typing chores into something fun.

Specifications of the Adesso AKB-636 Mechanical Keyboard:

Keyboard Layout:n 104 keys
Life Cycle: 50 million keystrokes
Connection USB
Switch Travel Distance: 4 mm
Switch: Kahil Blue
Operation Force:  50±10gf
Tactile Force: 60±10gf
Conduction Travel: 1.90±0.4mm
Breaking Travel: 1.50±0.4mm
Peak Force Travel: 1.40±0.4mm
Power Consumption: 0.5 Watts Max Power supply 5VDC±5%
Working Current: <100mA
Key Printing: Laser Printing
Operating temperature: 32°F to 122°F
Dimensions: 17.9″ x 5.9″ x 1.6 ” (455 x 150 x 41 mm)
Weight: 2.75 lbs
Cable length: 6 feet


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