Retro Rocket Ship Lamp For The Space Geek Inside You

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Rocket Ship Lamp

Space exploration is one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of mankind. Of course, this wouldn’t be feasible without the development of rockets and other technical advancements. So, what better way to celebrate this milestone than with your own rocket ship lamp at home?

Sold by Lathrop Custom Designs, this handmade lamp comes in the form of a spaceship that’s ready for takeoff! It mainly consists of an Edison coil bulb held in a glass body with a metal frame. It also features four galvanized pipes at the bottom with corresponding flickering flame lights that serve as the rocket’s thrusters. Another wonderful touch is its red-lighted on and off switch.

retro rocket ship lamp lathrop custom designs

The whole piece is connected to a wooden base by galvanized pipe for support and stability. Overall, the lamp is about 15 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide, making it a lovely piece for your bedside table or office desk. And with its antique brass finish, it’s sure to give any space a nice steampunk look.

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