Retro Star Wars X-Wing Games Now Available!

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Four games are now available to purchase either as a bundle or separately and include TIE Fighter Special Edition, X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing Special Edition and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.

If you purchase all four of the games as a bundle you will receive a 10% discount and each individual game is also currently at a promotional rate until May 7th 2015 offering 10% of each individual game.

For more information on each together with the availability to see gameplay videos and also purchase either as a bundle priced at £20.69 or at £6.29 per game, jump over to the Steam website.

“ TIE Fighter Special Edition : Become a recruit of the Imperial Navy under the command of Darth Vader, and pilot space vehicles that will leave you breathless. In the wake of the Battle of Hoth, through their treachery at Yavin, the alliance of Rebels and other criminals have threatened the very foundation of the peaceful Empire.

The Imperial Navy is called upon to eradicate the last of the rebellion and restore law and order. As an Imperial navy starfighter pilot, you will safeguard imperiled lives throughout the galaxy. Join the Emperor’s cause in eliminating the Rebel uprising as the Empire strikes back! “

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