Revamp Your JAMES BOND 007 Pinball Machines with Stern’s Exciting New Accessories

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Owning a pinball machine in your home is an exciting and captivating addition to any game room or living space. The allure of a pinball machine never fades, and enthusiasts of Stern Pinball are spoiled for choice with the vast array of options available in their catalog. The team at Stern Pinball is constantly striving to enhance their machines, and they have now unveiled a series of captivating accessories specifically tailored for James Bond 007 pinball machines!

These thrilling new accessories include an assortment of unique additions:

  1. Union Jack Shooter Knob: Add a touch of British flair to your pinball experience with this intricately designed shooter knob adorned with the iconic Union Jack flag. Every launch will exude a sense of elegance and style.
  2. 007 and Spectre Side Armor: Give your pinball machine a touch of espionage by outfitting it with the sleek and eye-catching 007 and Spectre-themed side armor. These striking enhancements will immerse you further into the world of James Bond.
  3. 007 RGB Lit Game Interactive Topper: Elevate the visual appeal of your machine with the mesmerizing 007 RGB Lit Game Interactive Topper. This captivating addition combines vibrant lighting effects with interactive elements that respond dynamically to the gameplay, creating a truly immersive experience.
  4. Inside Art Blades from Sir Ken Adam: Step back in time with the inside art blades inspired by the legendary set designer, Sir Ken Adam. Renowned for his work on the classic James Bond films of the 1960s and 1970s, these art blades infuse your pinball machine with a nostalgic charm and an air of sophistication.

The inclusion of Sir Ken Adam’s designs brings a classic and timeless aesthetic to the pinball experience. Each accessory works harmoniously to transform a plain James Bond 007 pinball machine into a captivating work of art. While the gameplay remains unchanged, the opportunity to adorn your equipment with these top-of-the-line designs is an enticing prospect that simply cannot be overlooked. Embrace the chance to showcase your unique style and enhance your pinball setup with these prestigious accessories.

To acquire your very own James Bond 007 pinball machine, visit the official Stern website. Additionally, you can explore and purchase the exclusive James Bond 007 pinball accessories through the same platform. Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in the excitement and prestige that accompanies these remarkable additions to your pinball collection!

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