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Zoom Electric Scooters

The Zoom Stryder Electric Scooter is the perfect addition to anyone’s busy routine, particularly if you’re someone that lives in a metropolitan city. Living in the city, I have had the most difficult time getting around, and I’ve been stuck in the most horrendous traffic you could ever imagine.

They say that New York wasn’t made for the faint-hearted. Well, I understand why. Getting through traffic is constant stress and having a day where you’re not faced with any traffic at all, well it simply doesn’t exist. Unless it’s July the 4th, that is.

I’ve had my fair share of traffic jams, and sitting in a car for hours, to and on my way to work, home, or simply just running errands around town. Keeping this in mind, there were several other reasons why driving my car each day, was bothering me.

Apart from the major hassle to get around New York City, I struggled to make peace with the fact that so many people are driving cars and adding to the fossil fuels, which is being emitted into the air, adding to air pollution. Due to the severe shift in climate change, which is all thanks to humans adding to global warming, I started thinking more.

Perhaps, it’s not so easy to convince an entire generation that we need to slow down on driving, industrial activities, and more, but perhaps the change could start with me.

Even though this seemed like a daunting task at first, I was serious and desperate to replace my car with a means of transportation that won’t damage the environment. That’s when I took notice of the foldable escooter trend, and specifically, Zoom Stryder’s E-scooter.

How the Zoom Stryder Electric Scooter Changed my Life

When I first heard about the E-scooter trend, I was fascinated by the idea of riding an environmentally friendly electric scooter. I no longer wanted to ride my car, nor even consider taking public transportation again.

Reading more about the E-scooter, I found that it would benefit my daily routine and lifestyle perfectly. Apart from helping the environment, I was determined to make the most of my E-scooter and ride every day, which simply ignited tons of more benefits.

Apart from looking cool, riding on my super light, portable and fast E-scooter, I felt like a superhero riding on my sleek red E-scooter.

After a month went by, I felt more active, energized, and excited to ride my E-scooter. It didn’t even matter whether I was going to work, to the store, or back home. I get excited every time I get to ride my Zoom Stryder electric scooter.

Now, when I got it at first, I didn’t think that it would be fast at all. I mean, it’s a scooter. However, where I went wrong, was to think that it was the same as the traditional scooter, which we all used to play around with when we were kids. Long story short, I quickly discovered that the scooter has a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour. If that wasn’t good enough for me, it also has a slope grade of 25% and a 500W motor, which is powerful enough to get me riding with ease up hills. This particularly was a big relief for me, as there are a lot of hills on my way to work.

Apart from being fast, it is also lightweight and only weighs 10.9 KG. Given that I work in a building, I was a bit worried about what I would do with the E-scooter once I arrived at work. I immediately thought, what would I do with it? How would I go about locking it? Is it safe to keep it outside for an entire day?

Then I learned that the adult electric scooter is also foldable, and folds up in a compact, convenient size within 3 seconds. Its ergonomic design is, in fact, so well thought out, that it doesn’t even look like an electric scooter whatsoever.

I was overjoyed with this fact, as I didn’t want to worry about leaving my electric scooter just anywhere. I also didn’t want to take it to my office, looking like I am carrying my transport with me.

Upon purchasing the Zoom Stryder E-scooter, I was worried about a lot of factors, and thought that I would only be able to ride it over the weekends, but since it’s foldable and lightweight, I can carry it up to my office and tuck it neatly under my desk or in a closet, until I’m ready to take it out and ride it again. This foldable E-scooter has truly changed my life.

Not only has it added a sense of convenience to my daily routine, but it’s also keeping me far more active than I’ve ever been, allowing me to breathe in fresh air every day, have fun, destress my mind, and additionally, saved me loads of money!

Since this E-scooter has all the perfect features to support my ride, including dual suspension, front, and rear brake lights, rubber puncture-free tires, and more, it promises me a safe ride each time. Since I don’t have to ride my car every day, six days a week anymore, I am also saving money on fuel, maintenance costs, repair costs, benefitting my car to last longer, and finally, helping the environment.

Helping the environment is something we should all strive to do. Not only do we owe a substantial amount of effort to help the environment ourselves, but we also owe it to the future generations of this world, and the earth itself.

Given that the Zoom Stryder electric scooter is built for the city, it also allows individuals the opportunity to reduce air pollution in cities, which often contain the most polluted air.

Above all else, I feel like I am riding my E-scooter with a very good cause, and hopefully, inspiring others to take initiative and do the same.


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