Review the Top Android Spy Apps in 2020

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Spy apps have been exclusively designed for monitoring. That is a result of rampant online abuse, which has made parents seek alternative ways to make their children safe online. That is because, with the increase in technology, children have been exposed to malicious activities and inappropriate content that has led to moral decay.


What is a spy app for Android

The spy apps contain some useful features such as recording calls, location, website history, incoming and outgoing texts, WhatsApp messages, and other monitoring tools. That ensures that the children are safe from Cyberbullying and any other online harassment. Additionally, These apps can be installed in the target device to allow you to access it from your device.


Which spyware is leading now


It is best-rated spyware because it a comprehensive monitoring tool that can help in tracking everything from incoming calls, changing of SIM cards, and location hence being one of the best spy apps that you can use. It allows you to monitor activities from the target device; that is why it is recommended for parents who need to take control of their children so that they don’t get access to inappropriate content.

Furthermore, business owners would want to get in touch with their employees who are using their company devices. Anyone suspicious that their tools might be stolen can also use it. Some of the most notable features of Hoverwatch include tracking browsing history, which is essential in keeping kids away from inappropriate sites, tracking SMS Facebook messages on WhatsApp calls, tracking and recording phone calls monitoring locations, and detecting SIM card change. All this contributes to effective monitoring.


The personal plan Is $24.95 per month well, the professional plan costs $9.99 monthly, and it can support up to five devices.


That is one of the spy apps that you can have because it is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is convenient and very exceptionally efficient because. It is endowed with features that allow you to monitor all social media activities, emails, calls, locations, text messages, and other monitoring features that will enable you to have an active monitoring spy app. You will also efficiently utilize its keylogging. Additionally, you can also access images taken using its camera, which makes it quite reliable. Therefore you can get many powerful features with this spy application.


Flexispy comes with a yearly package of $349 that allows you to enjoy all the premium features. That is relatively affordable and cheap compared to other spy apps.


That is one of the spy apps that is recommended for the tablet and smartphones. It is one of the best Android monitoring tools that offer advanced features, and it is easy to use. It has some notable features such as 24/7 multi-language support, quick installation, and user-friendly interface. There is no need for jailbreaking the device. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. Additionally, it can help in tracking SMS and calls, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and other messaging apps.

The good thing about this spy app is that it offers ultimate compatibility that supports both unrooted and rooted Android devices. Additionally, it is also affordable compared to other spy apps. You will also enjoy advanced features at a smaller fee, which makes monitoring quite easy. Setting up is also easy; hence you don’t require any professional help.


The pricing plan for this spy app is relatively expensive because it offers advanced features. Therefore the following are premium packages that you can produce monthly, quarterly, and yearly. For the basic plan, you might have to pay 26.99 euros per month, premium plan 9.99 euros monthly, 33.66 quarterly, and 14.16 regularly for the yearly subscription plan. The good thing with this app is that it works on all Android devices, and it offers a 7-day trial, which makes it quite convenient and reliable.



It is spyware with both iPhones and Android. Additionally, it offers real-time tracking, 24/7 customer support, advanced features, and it is affordable. These are some of the features that have made it one of the best spy app because it has everything that you need. It offers an ultimate solution for both employers and parents who want a track the kids and employees.

It allows you to monitor locations, browsing history, social media activities, emails, multimedia, and texts. It also allows other remote functionalities to enable you to have control over the target devices from your device. Recently it has introduced Whatsapp monitoring, key logger, Wi-Fi log to enhance its functionality, which makes it one of the best that you can have.


It comes with two lucrative options, which makes it affordable for everyone. The basic plan is $8.33 per month, and the premium plan is $12,49 per month.


Comparison of the program by functionality

Hoverwatch spy phone app works correctly in stealth mode. Additionally, all spy apps have no jailbreak version except it Flexispy. You can also track the following from all the spy apps that I’ve listed in this article; call history, text messages, Contacts, photos, email, web history bookmarks, GPS tracking Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber Instagram and control via web. Mspy is the only app that allows web blocking.

Program prices

The following is a list of program prices monthly

Hoverwatch personal is $24.95 per month

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24,95 $49,95 $149,95
3 month $59,95 $99,95 $299,95
1 year $99,95 $199,95 $499,95

Mspy premium-$69.99 monthly

Flexispy premium-$68.80

Xnspy premium-$59.99



Spy apps as very essential when it comes to monitoring because they help you keep track of all activities from the target devices. However, the following are some of the features that you need to consider before you buy a mobile spy app; compatibility, location tracking, SMS tracking, ability to work in stealth mode, price, and quality.

That is achieved by choosing the right company that is why you need to focus on its customer support, the website by looking at it disclaimer section, privacy policy, and terms and condition.

You can also check if they have some refund fees if you are not satisfied with their product. That is essential to help you choose the best monitoring tool that will meet your needs.



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