Rick and Morty Fortnite Crossover Happening Soon

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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty, the famous Adult Swim show about a drunken mad scientist, his grandson, and their frequently bizarre and grotesque adventures through space and other dimensions, is now getting a Fortnite crossover.

The official Fortnite Twitter has been posting new teasers in advance of season 7’s debut on Tuesday.

Fortnite’s tweet that the butter-bot has failed at transporting anything but butter, including weapons and documents. The butter robot doesn’t really have a character arc beyond one or two brief scenes, but it might fit into the overall season 7 theme of alien abductions and UFOs, something that slots right into Rick and Morty’s universe(s). Epic is also running an ARG of some sort that plays into the alien investigation theme.

It could also play some role in crafting. Fortnite players have been using bones from hunted animals in order to create Primal weapons with greater damage. Primal and “makeshift” weapons are going away at the end of season 6, but they could be superseded by a new type of weapon or an updated crafting system.

So does this mean Rick and Morty skins or other cosmetics? Hard to say for now, but it looks likely since these sorts of collaborations rarely end with one little entry. Though one wonders how the wizards at Epic will translate a very distinct art style to the Unreal Engine, as they’ve done for several properties before this.

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