Ricoh Theta Camera

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Ricoh Theta Camera

The first device to capture spherical scenes in one shot, the Ricoh Theta Camera features an ultra-small twin-lens folded optical system that captures the scene around, above and below the device in one shot for unprecedented, fully spherical images.

Fitting easily in a pocket or the palm of a hand, the slim, lightweight (95-gram) camera is a go-anywhere device suited to confined spaces, the great outdoors and everywhere in between. The device is synchronized with smartphones, where images can be immediately transmitted via Wi-Fi.

Compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S running on iOSTM 6.0 or above.

Memory: Internal, approximately 4GB Storage

Capacity: Approximately 1,200 images (subject to shooting conditions)

Battery Life: 200 captures per full charge (with Wi-Fi on, transmitting images at 30-second intervals duration varies with usage conditions)


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