Riot Games Announced Some Unbelievable Things

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Riot Games

For the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, Riot Games shocked the gaming community with a multitude of announcements that teased new plans beyond their hugely-popular MOBA. Don’t be confused. There are still upgrades coming to League of Legends, but Riot Games officially has working on more than one game.

Ten days of gifting will kick off the calendar of events, so just log onto League of Legends will give you access to the virtual bag of items. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Day 1: Anniversary Icon, Emote, and Ward Skin
Day 2: 6300 Blue Essence
Day 3: Masterwork Chest + Hextech Key
Day 4: Little Legends Rare Egg
Day 5: 3000 Orange Essence
Day 6: 4 Skin Shards
Day 7: 25 Prestige Points
Day 8: 200 Worlds 2019 Tokens
Day 9: 2 Gemstones
Day 10: Legendary Skin
Day 11: Annie-versary + Birthday Border + Icon

146th champion Senna will be coming to Summoner’s Rift next month. Ultra Rapid Fire mode with complete champion selection is also coming back, so get ready for some insane times in the MOBA.

Teamfight Tactics also has some important news. In addition to Set 2—which will get you updates and new origins, classes, and champions—the standalone game will also be coming out on mobile with cross-platform play. That’s a significant change for players that have been craving to experience the game away from their PCs.

You can also look forward to League of Legends: Wild Rift, “a remastered 5v5 League of Legends MOBA… designed especially for new platforms.”

That is not att, Don’t forget Legends of Runeterra, a strategy card game created to challenge the dominance of Hearthstone.

It’s a significant anniversary for League of Legends and Riot Games went over and beyond to say thanks to the gaming community. Watch the video below for a more in-depth look at all of these new interesting updates and new projects.

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