Riot Games Revealed A New Champion For LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

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Riot Games has revealed a new champion for their flagship game League of Legends! Recently Riot has been revealing hints about a new champion from the Void who is some sort of empress or ruler of the eldritch-inspired dimension. First, you had the champion Kai’Sa fighting Rek’Sai in one of Riot’s cinematics before she fell deep into the Void, and then you had words about this mysterious ruler in one of Kai’Sa’s new stories.

Today, Riot has just updated Kai’Sa’s splash art on her Lore Page, and it makes her look like some creature from the Void. In addition, there are 2 hidden easter eggs in the picture that if you click on bring you to different short cinematics depending on where you click.

One is her eye and the other is a butterfly! One video details a message to Malthazar from this mystery figure detailing her coming to destroy Runeterra and thanking him for being her prophet. The other is a caution to or threat to Vel’Koz that she will be the one to destroy the world, not him or his watchers.

The teaser for this new Void Empress appears to be indicating some sort of Void takeover event coming to League of Legends much like the previous Ruined King event.

League of Legends is available on Mac and PC.

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