The Rise of Mobile Gambling and Modern Technology

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It really does seem incredible to think that it was only ten years ago since the first iPhone was launched, and equally incredible to think how far we have come in the past decade.

Today there is a high emphasis placed by the software providers and operators on mobile-friendly interfaces that house responsive features for their casino, bingo, and sports bettors.

Mobile gambling has experienced a fantastic boom, and if we take a look at the growth rates over the UK as an example it is simple to see just how much mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives.

There is actually a 97% phone penetration in the UK, and a massive 64% of those are smartphones.

·         Android presently has the biggest slice of the market with 46.6%

·         The iOS is next with 28%

·         BlackBerry comes third in the market with 15.2%

·         Windows has 6.4% of the market

·         Symbian has the other 3.1%

The mobile gambling industry is said to be worth in the region of $100bn by the end of 2017 and there are no figures to show that our love of gambling with its positive feelings and adrenaline rush that having a bet offers is set to die down anytime soon.

From the rolling of dice way back when to the city of casinos and betting shops that are a touch screen operated, it’s clear to see that technology has changed the way we play.

The spread of a reliable and quick internet together with a better and faster mobile phone has changed the face of a great many industries.

Now we can use our mobile phones to shop, book a table at our favorite restaurant or book a holiday. It is now very rare that you will find any business that does not have a digital footprint.

The gambling industry has always been in the forefront when talking about pioneering innovative ideas and new technologies, and this has resulted in mobile gaming rising by 75% back in 2012 with another rise of 84% in 2015.

In the region of 164 million people are expected to use their mobile devices to visit a casino online, place a bet or even buy a lottery ticket, and by 2018 it is expected that the mobile gambling industry will take at least 40% of the gambling market online.

In fact, the increased convenience for mobile players makes gambling available all the time, and if we put things into perspective the present increased range of Wi-Fi networks together with the steadily increasing popularity of mobile devices throughout the world, will indeed influence the gambling industry as a whole.


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