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Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a game where you will find a lot of different commanders. Each commander can be used for something. Cao Cao for farming barbarians, Richard for fighting and garrisoning, etc.

That is what makes Rise Of Kingdoms’ unique game. Because there are a lot of different commanders that you can use, the best thing that you can do is focus on one commander. In this list, you will find a few commanders but you can check the great Rise of Kingdoms Tier List at Rise Of Kingdoms Guides.



He is the best peacekeeping commander that you can use. You will destroy barbarians’ forts without problems. The only problem with this commander is that you have to spend money on it. But it is worth getting him if you are a new player. You can use him for destroying barbarian’s forts, killing barbarians, and fighting on the field. You can not go wrong with this commander

Rise Of Kingdoms


Richard is a legendary commander that is insanely good for new and old players. It is hard to get him because you will have to spend legendary commander sculptures but if you have a high VIP LVL you should be able to max him without problems. You can pair him with any infantry commander or nuking commander. He provides a lot of healing and stats.

Rise Of Kingdoms

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is an epic commander that you will be able to max fast. You can see that old players are still using him because he is so good for the epic tier. He will provide you a lot of rage generation, stats, and what is most important nuking damage. That is why the Rise Of Kingdoms Guides ranked him so high. You can pair him also with any infantry commander or nuking commander.



Atilla is a legendary cavalry commander that can not be stopped when it comes to rallying. The power of attila is when he is in an enemy city or objectives you can not swarm him. The damage that he deals is god-tier. Also, he is great for field battles. You can pair him with any cavalry commander but the best pair for him is Takeda. The only bad thing about this commander is that you have to invest in a lot of legendary commander sculptures.

Rise Of Kingdoms

Joan of arc

She is an epic commander that you can get for free when you choose France’s civilization. She is not used to providing damage but support. She will apply strong buffs on your other troops or alliance troops. Buff contains stats like rage generation, health defense, and attack. She can be paired with other support commanders like Constantine. You will get focused a lot so you have to be careful when you are fighting on the field.


Bonus tip

If you are a free-to-play player you must be careful what commanders you are choosing and in which commanders you are investing. The best advice that we can get is to stay away from commanders that have only one purpose and that is defending or rallying. They are not worthy of your time and investment, Leave that commander for pay-to-win players. If you are not sure what commander you want to max first you can always check Rise Of Kingdoms Guides. Also, you can check official ROK groups like Reddit, Facebook, and discord if you are not sure. The community is always willing to help you.

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