The Rise of Subscription Video on Demand

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In today’s world, more people than ever are watching TV shows and movies by digital means. They are particularly watching their favorite shows through paid for subscription-video-on-demand services (also known as SVOD services).

These dedicated streaming services continue to gain traction, especially in an industry where digital TV and video is forecast to reach a revenue of approximately $42 billion by 2020. This is in line with the fact that a third of people watch streamed and on-demand video content every single day.

The main SVOD providers include Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, although Netflix is since as the dominant provider. This is largely due to its original content output where already in 2016 we have seen breakout series such as Stranger Things dominate entertainment headlines and multiple Marvel Universe collaborations in line with the continued interest in all things super hero related.

Have a look at this visual asset produced by Frame Your TV for more details on the rise of this fascinating industry.

Rise of Subscription Video on Demand


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