RISK OF RAIN 2’s First Expansion Is Out Now!

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Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 fans got the first expansion from Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games. The Survivors of the Void DLC is giving more levels, more opponents, and more Risk of Rain.

It comes with Massive levels, the Survivors of the Void will also bring with it two new survivors. The Railgunner is a powerful sniper, perfect for these huge new levels. The Void Fiend is a “corrupt combatant” that oozes with mystery, but each of these will have its own special skills and play styles to give out for the world of Risk of Rain 2. 

The 5 new levels will give out new terrain to explore and secrets to discover. The DLC even brings a new endgame stage and an alternative last boss. Players can also have 40 new items to add to the huge number of combinations the game already has.

Survivors of the Void is also giving players a new continuous mode that sets you and your friends against wave upon wave of enemies that get tougher with every wave. Make sure you have at least one survivor left at the end of each wave and your whole team will get refreshed to take on the next set of opponents.

New monsters, awesome new bosses, new Elite types, new modes, new music, new Survivors, new items, and new levels. This expansion is very hardy and will keep the Risk of Rain 2 fans occupied for a long time. Risk of Rain 2 and its expansion, Survivors of the Void, are available now for PC and it is available for discount on Steam for a limited time.

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